Dong Ding - Dark Roast | Taiwanese Oolong | Winter 2017 | Kuan Yin Teas – Kuan Yin Teas
Dong Ding Dark Roast Taiwanese Oolong, dark green and tightly rolled

Dong Ding - Dark Roast (Winter 2017)

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 Dong Ding (Frozen Peak) is well-known as a dark roast oolong that has been moderately oxidized.  The best Dong Ding today comes from Taiwan, though the cultivar and processing methods go back to Wuyi Mountain in mainland China.  Dong ding, brewed at near boiling temperature, should yield a dark, reddish brown tea liqueur, with hints of winter fruit and toasted marshmallow.  Enjoy for 4 or 5 steeps.

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