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Sheng (Raw) Pu-erh

Pu-erh is an aged Chinese tea. In this section, you'll find a lovely selection of "raw" pu-erhs which have been naturally fermented and may be consumed young or aged.  Raw pu-erh leaves (Mao Cha) are first packed into cakes to stop oxidation and begin fermenting. During the aging process, the tea undergoes a second, microbial fermentation. This process gives pu-erh a wonderful, earthy flavor and a wide range of mineral undertones. Pu-erh can be aged for many years to improve its flavor, up to 50 years for sheng pu-erh, although aficionados disagree about when the optimal time is to stop the aging process. 

In China and amongst some westerners, sheng pu-erh is traditionally brewed just after boiling in 3-12 short steepings of 15- 60 seconds in a yixing pot. 

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