Spring Ocean #7572 | Chinese Shou Pu-erh | 2005 | Kuan Yin Teas – Kuan Yin Teas
Spring Ocean #7572 Chinese Shou Pu-erh tea cake in beige packaging with black and red characters

Spring Ocean #7572 357g Bing - 2005 Shou Pu-erh

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7572 has been considered the gold standard for Qi Zi Bing cooked pu-erh.  This fantastic tea cake is made with the original 1975 Dayi "Qi Zi Bing" method, which combines high quality big-leaf tea from different regions, or sometimes the same region but from different years.  It is heavily oxidized, and yields a dark opaque, brownish red liqueur, with a very deep flavor, and a very pleasant energy.  Good for up to 9 steepings.

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