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Bai Mao Hou
Bai Mao Hou
Bai Mao Hou

Bai Mao Hou

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Bai Mao Hou, or "White Monkey Tea" sounds like a white tea from the name, but it's actually a green tea. The white in the name refers to the white fuzz on the green, twisted leaves. It steeps into a lustrous pale green. The flavor is flowery like rhododendrons, mellow, and sweet finishes with a light lemon-like astringency. 

Steeping Suggestions
Leaf : Water Ratio 2-3g / 1Tbs of tea : 6 oz of water
Water Temperature: 170-180 degrees Fahrenheit 
Steeping Time: 1-2 minutes
Number of Steepings:  3-4 

Source: Wuling Mountain, China
Harvest: Early April

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