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Teahouse Kuan Yin

Jin Mudan - Golden Peony

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This is a unique tea for lovers of black and oolong tea alike! It is the delightful result of an oolong cultivar from Fujian, grown in Hunan Province and processed as a black tea. It brews up a light gold body and features a distinctly nutty flavor with notes of honey and sweet hay. Exceptionally floral, it features subtle maltiness of a tippy black tea, while fruity notes of peach and fragrance of plumeria grace the finish. 
This batch of Golden Peony was picked pre-Qing Ming or before the Qing Ming (literally Pure Brightness festival, which falls around April 5th every year. This is a celebration known as "tomb-sweeping day" in which families clean off their ancestor's graves. It is also an important date for tea, as those first tender buds after the long winter will have the sweetest and most delicate flavor.