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Teahouse Kuan Yin

Jasmine Yin Hao

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Young, tender green tea tips are mixed with the finest jasmine flowers to give this tea a wonderful bouquet. This Jasmine tea is of a very high quality, with a delicate and light green tea flavor and a fragrant Jasmine aroma.

On the whole, Jasmine teas can vary depending on the quality of the tea base, and the skill and flower quality used in scenting. Our Yin Hao Jasmine incorporates the best of all of these elements. The green tea base is harvested at an ideal time, in April during the spring harvest. Then, it is tucked away until August when the finest Jasmine is blooming. The flowers and the tea leaves are blended together in layers, known as the "marrying" of the tea and jasmine. After several hours the jasmine petals are removed from the tea, and another batch of flowers is applied.