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Tian Hong Li Cha
Tian Hong Li Cha

Tian Hong Li Cha

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This Yunnan tea steeps to a stunning reddish-orange liquor. It is smooth, with floral, spicy, and citrus notes finishing with a hint of red apple. A versatile tea that is delightful on its own (especially with lighter steepings) and holds up well to milk with stronger steepings.

Steeping Suggestions
Leaf : Water Ratio 3g / 1Tbs of tea : 8 oz of water
Water Temperature: 212
Steeping Time: 30 seconds for the first steeping, then progressively longer
Number of Steepings:  2-5 depending on strength of steepings


Source: Fengquing, Yunnan, China
Harvest: Mid-April 2019

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