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Silver Needle

- Apricot - Vanilla - Sweetgrass -

Silver Needle is the rarest and most prized of white teas. It is comprised of only the downy tea buds before they open, so that they resemble soft white needles. Its flavor is extremely fresh, because so little processing takes place in Silver Needle production. The leaves are very lightly oxidized, and undergo no frying or rolling process.

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The Tea Flavor Wheelwas designed for Teahouse Kuan Yin in 2009 for identifying and characterizing some of the most common aromas and flavors in tea*. Slowly smell and taste the tea, and for each aroma and flavor that you discern, start with the general category in the inner ring, then move outward until you identify an analogous aroma or flavor in the outer ring. Each Tea Flavor Wheel is a 5 mil laminated, 8.5"x11", high-quality print designed to last.

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