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Gold Silk

- Cacao - Burnt Sugar - Honeysuckle -

Named for it's finely hand-rolled leaves, this Gold Silk comes from Guangxi,
an autonomous region of Southern China that borders Vietnam.  Made from
mostly one bud and one leaf, the dry leaves send up delicious scents of
apple and plum. The brewed cup yields a ruby liquor and deep, robust
flavors of dark cacao, sweet caramel, and floral overtones. For fans
of a fine Keemun, this unique variety is not to be missed!

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A favorite tea accessory is back in stock!

This glass travel tumbler is perfect for drinking
your favorite tea on the move. Double-walled glass makes for great
insulation, keeping your tea hot for over three hours. Also great for making iced tea on
the go-- traditionally used  by placing tea leaves of your choice in the
tumbler, adding cold water, and allowing it to steep throughout the day.
Drink through the included strainer, and enjoy!

Holds approximately 14 oz of tea.

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