About Us

Kuan Yin Teas (formerly called Teahouse Kuan Yin) has been providing the finest in loose leaf teas since 1990. Originally a brick-and-mortar establishment in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, Denice and Marcus purchased the teahouse in 2004. There, they brewed and served fine tea as well as grew the community of tea lovers in Seattle and beyond through the zen atmosphere and welcoming vibes, as well as regular tea tastings and classes. All things change however, and the establishment transitioned to an online shop in 2016. 

Sarah cultivated her passion for all things tea while working at the Teahouse during her college years at the University of Washington. She continued working for the online store intermittently in the years that followed, in between a diverse set of pursuits including art, farming, bicycle tour-guiding, and now raising a toddler. In 2023 she joined Marcus and Denice as an owner of Kuan Yin Teas, and fills your orders from her home-base in Snoqualmie, Washington. 

Our goal is to offer the finest loose leaf teas from around the world
at accessible prices while opening a dialogue about tea.  Feel free to email us to discuss fine teas at any time!