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Teahouse Kuan Yin

Golden Snail - Yunnan

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A rich black tea from Yunnan province, with sweet notes of caramel and cocoa. Delicious served with or without milk.

The name of this tea refers to the appearance of the dry tea leaves. Golden Snail tea is made from golden tips, which are rolled into spirals that look like tiny snails. This rolling process allows the tea leaves to unfurl slowly over the course of two to three steepings, giving this tea multiple high quality infusions, unlike many other black teas.

Yunnans are known as the "mochas of tea," and are produced in the high, mountainous region of Yunnan in Southern China. The Yunnan region is regarded by many as the birthplace of tea, and the province produces more black tea than any other in China. The province borders Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, and its particular climate and soil conditions give Yunnans their rich, creamy texture.