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Teahouse Kuan Yin

Yunnan Pagoda

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Long tippy needles are hand-tied into cones for this artisan variety of Yunnan tea.  Upon brewing it opens up into a lovely blossom, so brew it in a clear pot for the full experience!  This tea is not only visually beautiful but also bursting with the delightful flavors that Yunnans are famous for. The liquor is deep gold, honey-sweet, rich and malty.

Yunnans are known as the "mochas of tea," and are produced in the high, mountainous region of Yunnan in Southern China. The Yunnan region is regarded by many as the birthplace of tea, and the province produces more black tea than any other in China. The province borders Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam, and its particular climate and soil conditions give Yunnans their rich, creamy texture.